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Fears to Fathom is an episodic psychological horror game where each episode unveils a short story narrated by the ones who survived. You're browsing the second installment of the Fears to Fathom anthology.

Fears to Fathom : Carson House

In the third episode of Fears to Fathom you play as Noah Baker, an 18 year old who got a small job offer to house-sit for the COO of a local media company for the weekend, he takes the offer as he had nothing interesting going on for that weekend. It wasn't long before he began experiencing something very unsettling about the place. Little did he know what was about to come. He survived as he made the right choices.

Key Features
  • Atmospheric environment and photo-realistic graphics.
  • VHS film aesthetic.
  • Receive texts from NPCs.
  • Player voice activity.

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Published 18 days ago
Release date 18 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsCreepy, creepypasta, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Castilian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Great game as expected Rayll! I鈥檓 excited for the fourth!

Rayll want to say thank you for this WELL DONE games, best horror series game i ever played!

Waiting for Episode 4!

Scary game!

Somehow I made it without getting caught. So I went back to experience the jump scares and they still got me good even though I was expecting it lol. I鈥檒l definitely go back and play the first two episodes as well! 


the thriller is finally over. mission complete! awesome game i missed a couple factors but i pulled through.

Sehr gutes Kapitel! ( Deutsche Version)

It finally happened. I won't say what "it" is...but I've played every Fears To Fathom game so far and it didn't happen...but it did this time. And that's because Rayll makes sure you really need to be on point in this one. Wonderfully done. 


this game was awesome. i've played your other episodes and this was my favorite.  i was having a hard time figuring things out but im just slow sometimes lol great game and i can't wait for the next one

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I really really loved this! I hate I lost the flashlight when getting on the bike though. It was a really detailed game and I enjoyed every second.

A Horror Game I was looking forward to play. Story and gameplay was awesome and I enjoyed it. I wonder what the next episodes will be about.

(I made it into 3 parts.)

Going live to stream what I know is the best horror game of 2023

Really enjoyed Episode 3! Good pacing & spooks~ Looking forward to #4

This by far the best installment yet! This series keeps getting better and better!!! 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃馃槷馃槺

Because we make mobile games, especially Android

Probably Was Bad Idea To Play This After A Breakup lol馃槀馃槀馃槀

This chick is INSANE! | Fears to Fathom - Carson House | Indie Horror Game - YouTube

YAASSS! Cant wait for episode 4 馃憤馃従

This is definitely the best one out of them all! 

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This was horrifyign in VR

I thought it was going to be a remake of the first episode but I got fooled. Once again thanks for the games and I can't wait for the next one!!! 馃槂馃憤

I noticed that the sequence of events kind of breaks near the end of the game if you don't do them exactly in order. Noah's dialogue tends to pop up at odd times and I almost missed some of it. Otherwise, this was great. It was very creepy and unsettling and I was constantly worried I was going to be attacked.

Love Your Games!

Love it, can't wait for the next episode! 

I really liked the game, very tense. It looks great too, I love the aesthetics. I experienced some minor bugs, like when you are riding the bike, and the loading screen appears, it still let me get off. Also in the final part of the game, if you stop looking at the cameras when the girl is at the door, the dialog box pops up and doesn't let you click any options. Here is my video playing the game.

I love these games so much, can't wait for the next one 

Bro this game was FIRE!!! I cannot wait for the next installment! Out of all three, this one REALLY messed with my spirit because....just no to all of this!

Hardest Jumpscare EVER! 

This was a wonderful game to play. Took me a while to actually complete the game and get a finished video out, but overall I loved it a lot. Thank you so much for the game rayll <3

This series is great. And definitely creepy. Home invasion games always feel scarier because it could actually happen to anyone. I can't wait to see what you make next. Thanks!

A heads up to the dev and content creators.. The flag matching mini game on the pc upstairs will trigger a copyright claim for the music. It can be a pain in the ass if you upload your vid before finding this out. I was surprised by that because I'm pretty sure this game had a notice at the beginning that said all music was copyright free. 

Not a bad game, kinda got confused towards the end but I felt it added a bit more of a challenge. It was kinda upsetting to find that the laundry room was the hiding spot early on in the game but what I really did enjoy was the story plot and the night cams, it's a very nice touch to build up the suspense. I would really love it if the game left you off where you last died instead of repeating the last chapter you played again, because like I mentioned I really enjoyed the game but I was so confused I had to repeat the same chapter for about 40 minutes to finally understand a sense of what I was supposed to do.

Loved this game!


Great episode 

Another awesome addition to Fears to Fathom!!

I've been waiting for this one! GREAT GAME!

heyyy this game....

Mais tenso do que os anteriores, e bem interessante ir descobrindo todos os momentos que a mina aparece te seguindo.
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