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Fears to Fathom is an episodic psychological horror game where each episode unveils a short story narrated by the ones who survived.

The first episode of Fears to Fathom is free to play, more episodes are coming soon.

Fears to Fathom : Home Alone

In the first episode of Fears to Fathom you play as Miles, a 14 years old kid who is home alone while his parents are out of town for work. He soon finds himself in trouble as the story unfolds, would he make it through the night? He survived as he made the right choices.

Key Features
  • Atmospheric environment and photo-realistic graphics.
  • VHS film aesthetic.
  • Receive texts from NPCs.
  • Player voice activity.

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Release date Jul 02, 2021
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Oh man, this really got me! Great job building suspense and anxiety in the player. I really enjoyed the details - the fridge food, the pages on the homework, the skies and trees outside. Very well done, and I'll be keeping an eye out for more.

 The anxiety builds up in each level. Every level keeps getting weirder. Bro! Why wasn't the mom at the house, She really left my ass to die. 

love the game and the way it tells us the story can't wait to check out more in the futurecheck out the my vid n sub if you like it

Massively enjoyed this! Incredibly tense in a subtle but powerful way, really impressive stuff. Massively looking forward to taking a look at Norwood Hitchhike and all the future episodes :)

Had a lot of fun with this game. Still cant believe its actually real story. Can't wait for the next ones to come out. Keep doing what you're doing!

Very Big Jumpscare. Cant wait to play Episode 2!!!!

Game was fire!!! Look forward to playing part 2!

Home Alone is such a great concept for a video game, all of the interactions the player can have with the house are great. Looking through the closed blinds to spy on the man at the door, also the noise mechanic, I was not expecting him to react to you if you were too loud. The game is fun with the small experience, I wish I could see a longer game with these mechanics.

I am confused as to why someone breaks into your house earlier while you're eating, but nothing seems to happen at that time. To break in through the back door, just to attempt to catch you by opening the front. I was wondering if the first break in was someone else robbing the house.

Going to give the Norwood Hitchhike a try after the quality of this one.

I wrote a couple of days ago about how much I enjoyed this game. Very good. here's the playthrough:

I loved it I don't get scared by jump scares often 10/10 I highly recommend 

one of the biggest jumpscares ive had, love it :)

It's a pretty good game, really short and sweet. I love the VHS aesthetic and the graphics. I recommend others to play the game.

Not here to promote a video. This is perhaps one of the best single player experiences I have played in a long time. There are bugs, but those are fixable. The overall storytelling, atmosphere, and writing are fantastic. Keep it up. I want to see you on a major gaming company one day, or or start one. No bullshit. You have promise.  

Just by looking at his shadow i knew it was done for..

really good game!!! 7/10 i really like the story and the game play is amazing!! i did put a little extra work into putting captions on it so maybe watch, and the thumbnail i had to make up because i couldn't quite find the perfect one

Gave me the creeps! Perfect!

OMG I cant believe he did this!

Extremely pleased. This was one of the most terrifying games I've played on my channel. It's not like the others, where you get spooked by a ghost. It's real life horror. Kudos to you, and the storytellers for producing such a creepy and surreal experience.

This was CRAZY COOL! Really creeped me out. Does the ending always end the way it did for me? Or is there a different ending? Amazing game, cant wait to play part 2. please subscribe if you like my video.thanks lovelies xoxox

Got to play for a stream and this is a crazy mash of reality into a horror game concept!! Game is 10/10 for an episode one and I'm hyped to get to episode two.

I start playing @ 16:06

(1 edit)

(Disclaimer - This is the 2nd Episode) This game series is straight🔥!

love your concept. keep it up

Any chance of a MacOS version? Looks amazing

I don't think I could live on my own making the choices I made in this game, very horrifying .

This game gave me a serious chills and... screams ha...I really enjoyed this game.can't wait to play Episode 2!!

I Cant Wait For More Rayll,u Forsure Got A Great Future In Developing!

Ray DID His Thing!

Best game ever. Love how it make everything feel so real! 

Wow, this is super terrifying and really well made! Will probably check out the second episode, and hope the rest of the series gets made.

Pretty cool game, I would of streamed the second one also but my streaming software was messing up. Will most definitely try it out by or before Thursday. GG!!!

This was extremely scary!!!

Great game! You captured the creepiness of being home alone so well!  

I truly enjoyed this, but the one thing that really made my heart beat faster was the moment I turned on that TV and realized all the work you put into Miles’ evening entertainment. Honestly, it wowed me, that was so unexpected in an indie horror game and it was super cool and creepy. Like, that was a golden moment I will talk about for a while :D

Wow this game was freaking terrifying! I loved every second of it! Really really good job!

Here with a message from MCA

"I loved the game and even if I did not experience a jumpscare but the atmosphere in the game was all to make me feel worried and uneasy. Here is my experience..."

I've never jumped so hard in my life in a video game! This was fantastic!

This game was very terrifying! It was very fun!

Amazing game! Made me scream like a bi%ch tho...

This game is fantastic! Had so much fun. Simple yet effective.

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