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THIS game is amazing i love it

Nos sorprendio el nivel de inmersion que tiene el juego, vamos a probar los demas capitulos!

We were surprised by the level of immersion that the game has, let's try the other chapters!

I loved it! Already brought Norwood Hitchhike and can't wait to play it :)

Like That This Game Has Chapters Great Ambiance And Scary very Good Job 


This game certainly delivers the scares! I'll definitely be tuning in for episode 2 :)

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Really fun and cool game.i leaned not to open doors to strangers

You should always be careful
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EPISODE1 is up! Really enjoyed this game! Very unique with the messaging, looking forward to play EPISODE 2!


I can't live without ep3, I NEED IT

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Excited for the new episodes! The concept is awesome!

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such a good game, definitely going to play all the other parts. 

love the concept!

Great Game!

My doors are closed for this one... Yours just opened.

Had a wonderful time playing this game!

I can't wait to play the rest of the series, thanks!

Absolutely Loved The Game.

Great Game!

Ultra-realistic horror story... MOMS SPGHETTI

Screw demons and ghosts, THIS IS REAL HORROR!!

Can't wait to play the rest of the episodes

I love being home alone but when someone is trying to force themselves into my house. MY FUN IS RUINED!!!

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An awesome experience! This makes me excited for the other parts!

visualized story presentation

a common occurrence narrative uniquely explained within familiar urban experience.  the introduction wanes examples for improvement seen together a progression finds itself continuing stories.  inspiration gathered by often popular similar expansions, yet well patterned without lavatory.  truth the fear from death entices ridicule as often uncontrollable body is given understood fears.

I highly recommend this game, the disturbing sounds and the music build up definitely make for a very tense, unnerving playthrough. Definitely makes me want to buy the second episode! 10/10

That one jumpscare got me good 10/10

What an amazing game,It took me about a year to finally hop on the hype train, hope I'm not too late! WELL DONE! I'm normally a chicken when it comes to these games, but I managed to play it all the way through! haha! worth the download 100%

I would really appreciate it if you would check this video out and let me know what I could do to improve.             

If you did watch this video I hope you enjoyed watching me get stalked by an old man, eat my mom's good food, and lose a part of my soul at the end because of the jump scare.        

how do i get in this game?

By episodic, do you mean it's an anthology series? Regardless, looks good, downloading to try now


Over all worth every dollar and a beautiful looking game, excited to see more episodes released in the future. However I died two times (my fault) but it was fun!

The feeling of being watched while home alone is so scary in itself! Great game! 

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REALLY good game, played it on my channel for a video!

Check out MORE SCARY GAMES from me here:

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𝐃𝙖𝚖n, HOME INVASION HORROR GAME. - Fears to Fathom: Home Alone

Great Game atmosphere, sounds and gameplay. The texting system was nice addition, Overall great game that I would Recommend!  

Fears to Fathom: Home Alone Reaction Video

Great Game! Thank You Devs! Check Out My Playthrough Here!

Extremely well done in terms of setting up an eerie atmosphere and a chilling story. Though there were quite a few bugs I found a bit annoying overtime, they still fail to overshadow what a well done first episode this is.

super creepy

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