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This game terrified me!

we had great time playing this, looking forward to try the other episodes as well


Atmosphere immediately got me. FANTASTIC.

really sweated while playing


Great game the jumpscare got me in the end lol


game gave me the spook

what are the controlss

WASD pretty sure ingame itll tell you how to open your phone etc. Interact is LMB or E i think


this game scare the shit out of me haha, liked it


Definitely enjoyed this game! I gotta play 2 and 3 on my horror gaming channel soon. 


amazing game very creepy. gameplay walkthrough no commentary 


Very cool horror experience! I got jumpscared a lot but that's a good thing. Thanks so much for sharing your game! Looking forward to the next installment. 

I played this for my YouTube, if you'd like to check it out in another tab then follow this link!

This game is incredibly fun and i was very spooked! i love the aesthetic and can't wait to see where this creator goes :)!

Short but fun horror game, excited to continue the series!!

I love this game !

Great Game!

I highly recommend this game, the disturbing sounds and the music build up definitely make for a very tense, unnerving playthrough. Definitely makes me want to buy the second episode! 10/10

Great game <3

This game was creepy. My son and I loved it. I want to play the other chapter in this series. 

One of my most favorite horror games, I'm looking forward fot the third episode. Thank you for making it, really enjoyed it.

One of my all time favorite series, Rayll never disappoints! Fun and scary, every second has you anticipating what’s next!

Oh..My god. I wonder how this doesnt cost money because this game is absolutely amazing! The eerie outside mixed with being home alone was so creepy. the ending legit gave me chills. I applaud you bro. thank you for making this tremendous game :) ❤️❤️

iya feeling spooky, check out my cut of this fantastic game! has a mix of suspense scares and MEMES?!

Loved the game! Very scary!


Great game. The atmospheric sounds were the scariest thing sometimes. Good jump scares too! Can't wait to play Episode 2 and more! Thanks!

This game got me really tense as home invasion horror always gets under my skin in one way or another. Really well made!

Home Invasion are so scary! Cant believe this actually happened!! 

I really enjoyed this and honestly can't wait to play the other chapters of this series.  It's the 2nd game from this video and starts around 33:07.

This game had me sweating ! so incredibly fun

Very nice start of a horror series!

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