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Fears to fathom is a amazing game based on true events the home intruder outside the window made me so scared great game bro ill be excited to play the second and third one

so many jumpscares i cant count 


very good game cant wait for episode 4 :) 

creppy game cant wait to play this game in the future!

super nice game keep it up

Mi experiencia en español... De los 3 para mi gusto fue la mejor historia. Felicitaciones!!!

Amazing game, great jumpscares, great environment. This one is the BEST one so far! So excited for the next one! Definitely recommend.

if you like this game you will like this one

Finally back with part 2! It's so cool to see how well this game has come along over the months! We're so proud of you all

Every bit of scary and creepy as the others. Really great game.

Such an amazing addition to the franchise! Had so much fun revisiting it with my bro!

Somehow I dodged the stalker in my playthrough but another well made game by Rayll.  Can't wait for the next one!

What a fun experience this was!

I'm a big fan of the previous 2 games from the Fears To Fathom line and this one was no different.

The game terrified me to put it simply. I can't wait for the next one!


does this include a steam key?

Very good! This series never disappoints.

That was AMAZING!!!..I love your games so much,keep it up!!!!😊

The worst part about all this is I didn't get to finish watching the cooking show ;-;

Good game loved the security camera parts.

check it out

We ju
We jump out of the chair. Awsome game! All the saga is perfection.

This was great to play :) So scary at times. Great job! I didn't get to finish it thanks to children lol but hopefully I can see the ending 

The lady in the supermarket was about to make me act up. This game was GREAT! This is my favorite FTF out of the others. I really like the sense of adventure in this game.

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