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One of my favorites in the Fears to Fathom series

Horror game based on a true story of a home invasion I will be excited to play the second and third in the future

My Favorite one

I played them out of order, but this is one of my favorites out of the 4! I'm looking forward to more!  

this is by far my FAVE fears to fathom i love the way the story's are told 

This is by far the greatest fears to fathom in  my words. Rayll have made such a dent in the horror gaming category I cant wait for 5! I have done a playlist of all the fears to fathom check it out.

This game was really good i highly recommend!


Do you want to join?

There was something about this one that made me like it more than the previous one. But both are still good games.

Getting read for episode 4, I just replayed episode 3 live in a little enjoyable stream over here:

Replayed the last part until getting it right ;)

love the story these games tells and its crazy that they are based on a true story I need to play the next as fast as I can. 

A slow burn but definitely worth the wait!

me gustan muchos estos juegos de fears to fathom que inclui 2 en mis tops de jumpscares 100% recomendado ♥

You Guys Have To Play This! 10/10 Game

This game definitely had me stressing at some points, but I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!)

Great game!

Here is my 3rd episode of Fears to fathom! Really cannot wait to tuck into Episode 4. 
Enjoyed getting into the hype!! 

That Goth Milf Energy Hit a lot different than expected

Such a good series so far! The use of sound in this one was top notch, being at Mr Carson's PC and hearing movement and a knife being pulled from the kitchen from downstairs, shivers. Also enjoyed being able to pet the goodboy Zeke! Even if he ended up being an awful guard dog in the end..

I am really looking forward to Ironbark Lookout :)

Reminded me of my ex so i was a pro at this game 

English play through on my Gaming channel :)

finally tried this out 
it was great

Aquí esta mi gameplay en español, la verdad es un juegazo ;D

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