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My absolute favorite in the Fears to Fathom series

Horror game based on a true story of a home invasion I will be excited to play the second and third in the future

Hello how are you? I am a video game music developer, I want to know if you would be interested in getting in touch so we can talk about whether you would like to work together after seeing some of my work, I am a big fan of your games and I would like to be able to work in the sound section with you, zero cost.

fun game had a lot more fun than expected will def be playing the other episodes check out the gameplay 

Really enjoyed this episode and cannot wait to check out the others!

okay did anyone else get hit by a random car?? LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE 

yes i got hit by a random car too

so this one scared me and posted it on here but just played the fourth one and by far it is the scariest one yet 


The author of these games always creates an eerie atmosphere so well. I love this series. Please check out my video

Really enjoyed this episode and cannot wait to check out the others!

This one took me a little to get into compared to the other fears to fathom but when it did wow, as usual it blew me away thank you Rayll for the great game series.

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Don't buy the game there if you have any issue with it no one will help you, I can't play the game I go through many bugs, I contact the developer and the support no one answer me. Buy it on steam, you can get a refound if you had any issue.

Great game! They just keep getting better and better!

Me asusté bastante haah 

me encantaria que fuera gratis (aqui los pobres)

Loved this episode even more than I loved the first one! Good job on this, and still looking forward to the rest of the episodes! Check out the playthrough below!

Loved this second episode!! Creepy from start to finish!!

i like this game lol

What can i say yet another Amazing game from  rayll sadly i need to play one more to finish all 4 hopefully the 5th episode comes out 

 jumpscare spoiler alert: These games get me every damn time...

11/10 will play all episodes

Do you want to join?

I love Fear To Fathom my favorite part of this one was the motel part.

I want to play the game, but when Im on the gas station and I want to speak with the employee I can't select what I want to say

We just got done playing episode 1 and jumped straight into episode 2 and absolutely loved every second of it! These games are basically a Reddit horror story come to life and we’re loving every second of it! Highly recommend and will definitely be playing the other episodes!

If you’re interested, please check out our playthrough! We had a lot of fun making it!

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I finally got around to playing episode 2 and I can say I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! Another Chilling entry! Playing episodes 3 and 4 ASAP!

i loved it 

it was such a good game I need to play the third one asap.

me gustan muchos estos juegos de fears to fathom que inclui 2 en mis tops de jumpscares 100% recomendado ♥


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