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I enjoy TALKING to all the Patrons in the Café Telling them about all the missing people HAHA

Hi Rayll! Question, how did you upload a game larger than 1GB?

super scary fourth part I will play the rest soon



Terrifying New Fire Watch Game | Fears to Fathom - Ironbark Lookout | Indie Horror Game

loved this one but honestly it made me cry with fear, i honestly was so scared playing this.

It gets better each episode!!! 

[FR] Pour les francophones !

French content creator here ! 

The best horror game serie is back with its Episode 4. I loved it so much, can't wait for Episode 5 !

It’s the surreal games that always scare me the most. Great work as always

Absolutely loved it! 

Truly amazing game i love the story telling, its a must play

I think I broke my mic from screaming on this one.... I liked it and the hidden videos I found.

Big fan of the anthology. Enjoyed the world building, and how the player had to figure everything out with the tools by themselves. Cultist AI was a bit annoying towards the end, and I wish there were more "missions" where I had to venture out into the woods, but this sorta game is right up my alley. Looking forward to the 5th installment!

in love with this game

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL CULT? This game shivered my timbers . I promised myself I wouldn't scream and to not believe the hype but the hype is REAL my friends. Play with caution but don't forget to do your ranger  training!

1:43 Game start

This was a great addition to the fears to fathom series, this really left me in shock. i cant wait for 5 to come out as soon as it does ill be adding it to the playlist. these games are a must play.

I looooved this, every episode keeps getting better!Please don't ever stop making games!!
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This game is my favorite in the series! The setting, length and story 10/10!

Gotta be the best one yet

Such a great game, the story is fantastic and the jump scares are top tier!

Scariest part was the guy at the shed LOL

What a game this is, ITS A MUST PLAY! check out my vide with the link below! Fears To Fathom: Ironbark Lookout EP4 (

So Crazy To see Each one of these games get better than the last one Looking forward to the Next Game I know it will be a Banger Like This One
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This game has a very nice atmosphere and I enjoyed playing it. I dont think it was very realistic compared to the other one in the series. Its still good though good job solid 8/10.

This was so far my favorite Episode in the series

Hi Rayll, I get an automatic setting for German, even though the game setting is English. How can I change this? I don't want to change my entire PC system settings to play this game in English, I think the language option is simply bugged or at least shouldn't be tied to the player's system. 


I was finally able to play this game, as previous versions for me weren't working for recording. It was a fun experience, looking forward to the final game in the series next :).

This is my favorite one so far in the series!

Is this for both PC & Mac?

The game has no Platform tags, so I cannot download it using the app.

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